Untitled-1Based in Virginia, yet traveling across the world covering many facets of photography, I combined my passion for visual arts and graphics with my equal love for all things technology-related. My first introduction to the art began from a hobby in graphic design and retouching images. In 2008 my curiosity and passion to create led me to explore the world of photography.

In 2010, I left a career in technology to divulge myself into photography. New to the art, I worked to maintain the same level of excellence as seasoned photographers allowing myself to experiment and create unique imagery that is not only visually stunning, but serve to tell a story. Along with long term friend, mentor, and fellow photographer Dexter D. Cohen, I learned to create style and consistency with my work, thus raising the bar for every project. Being consistent with my sense of composition and understanding of light has allowed me to deliver powerful imagery for various publications. Later that year, I grasped filmmaking and decided to engage it more directing an array of visuals and campaigns.

Attention to detail, artistic sensibility, and fast work ethic has landed myself many high-profile opportunities and I eventually began traveling across the globe in 2011 with DJ Jazzy Jeff covering the journey through a series called Vinyl Destination. This exposed me to many new worlds of photography enabling me to experiment with multiple styles and honing in on technique. I continues to travel with DJ Jazzy Jeff filming and photographing his journey while also serving as the Creative Director for his brand.

As an artist, I continue to capture and edit my personal work from pre-production to post editing and delivery. From the beginning, as an artist of many trades, I chose to set the bar high for myself and the proof of that is in my growing portfolio of work.